Miranda RayneClimbing is 85%-90% mental.  I realize that is a pretty bold statement, but I stand behind it.  And I can I prove it.

Last weekend I redeemed myself on a climb I took a whipper on last fall at the RRG (see Instant Karma).  It was at The Shire on Pee-Wee (5.7) which is a straight up easy 7 until you get to the chains where it gets a little creative, and, where I fell last year.  I was determined to send it this time.  The day before I was leading 5.9+ routes without a problem so this should be no big deal, right?

Wrong.  I was fine until I got to the spot where I fell and I started to shake and noticed I was holding my breath instead of breathing.  I called to my belayer to give me a take.  I shook out my hands, took some deep breaths, told myself I was being crazy, that I was fine.  I had this…I must have taken three takes before I convinced myself to just move on it.  And I got it, I clipped into the chains and clipped in my rope.  Giant sigh of relief.  Big smile. Cheering ensues.  The two people I was with were me last year too, including my belayer.  We came full-circle.

Now for proof that it is a mental game.  Right after that climb I went on to redpoint Audie (5.8) and a really nice four-star, 5.9, Miranda Rayne.  I was completely calm, focused and breathing.  I didn’t feel nervous or uncertain on any of the moves.  There is no reason why I should have taken so long or had been so scared on Pee-Wee, except for head telling me to be.

It is our thoughts that create our reality, but we are not our thoughts.  We are more.  This is true in all areas of our life, including relationships, read this insightful piece by eliz_climbs, it’s the same thing.  It’s all a mental game.

  1. April 8, 2011 at 3:29 am | #1

    “It is our thoughts that create our reality, but we are not our thoughts. We are more.”

    I love this, Krysia! It’s perfect. You and Elizabeth both made an incredible impact on the climbing blogging world with these posts. Thank you!

  2. April 8, 2011 at 4:33 pm | #3

    Congratulations on moving through that mental hurdle. What an awesome feeling to be able to work through that! I’m right with you, that the mental aspect of climbing is huge. And… in our lives, too. It’s so transferrable, without even trying.

    • April 8, 2011 at 10:39 pm | #4

      Thanks, it did feel good to conquer it. And yes, a nice benefit is that it is transferable.

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