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What I’ve been up to

I have been a bit quiet lately with my blog.  I am still sitting with my foot elevated with a metal frame embedded into my calf.  I have never been this inactive in my life.  Getting up to go to the bathroom has become my daily exercise!  A far cry from my usual life.  But don’t worry dear readers, I have been keeping my spirits up!

I have been reading books on marketing, positive thinking and positive thinking in marketing.  They have been so helpful!  Just before my bouldering accident, I was feeling my career was in a rut and was feeling down and helpless about it. I have been using this time to reclaim my once optimistic outlook and have succeeded.  I have always used visualization and goal-setting to manifest what I want in life, such as my truck, travel (I have recently gone to Puerto Rico and Paris), the time for pursing my hobbies, and having a terrific partner in my life that loves me and my kids. I have attracted all of these gifts into my life.  My career has been the only slow spot in my list of desires, so I have taken this unexpected pause as a sort of gift to focus on my professional life.

The only thing I have been slow on is writing.  I have two guest posts I have been working on, but have been feeling a bit blocked.  So my goal for this week is to finish both of those posts!  In the mean time, enjoy A New Independence  a guest post I wrote about living life on my terms for Vertical Girl, a women’s climbing clothing company.

  • Scott

    And a really nice guy who stops by and encourages you! :p

    Great read Krysia!…so happy you are getting so much and growing in this time of reflection!

    BIG Kudos to you and BIG Hugs!

  • http://venturesomekrysia.wordpress.com venturesome krysia

    Yes, very grateful for you, my friend and all of your encouragement! {hugs}

  • http://fightflightandotherfwords.wordpress.com Autumn Anderson

    Try drinking a bottle of wine before trying to write to help you loosen up a bit. It really helps, as long as you are writing from home anyways. Just don’t try it in a bar, as it will only result in starting bar fights or flirting with the bartenders ;) Hope you are healing well. I’m glad to hear you are making so many positive additions in your life….Now just get to writing!

  • http://venturesomekrysia.wordpress.com venturesome krysia

    Thanks, but I am not able to drink because of the pain medication I am on!

  • http://fightflightandotherfwords.wordpress.com Autumn Anderson