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More about positive thinking

Since my injury, my computer has become my best friend.  To say I’ve had a lot of down time is an understatement.  Besides my loving family and friends, what has been seeing me through is my positive attitude and social media.  Let me explain.

At the suggestion of by both my real estate-guru friend, and one of my favorite co-worker’s, I began reading a lot of books on positive thinking and the laws of attraction (like attracts like). I can’t say any of the concepts were new to me, just somewhat pushed aside or forgotten.  This post may be sounding awfully like some of my other recent posts, but forgive me, I feel the need to shout-out the benefits I am reaping!

Since opening myself up to opportunity and monitoring my thoughts (and more importantly my mood) so many great things have been streaming my way.  Four guest post slots, including one that is live today on Mark Schaefer’s Blog {Grow} which is my first guest post not on the outdoors, but social media, my other passion.  And then late last night I received a call about a new opportunity that I don’t want to go into just yet, but is very exciting as well.

Even my children are noticing a difference in my attitude.  My daughter pointed out to me that I seem happier a few days ago.  Seems kind of ironic seeing as how I have an external fixture on my leg that is mostly painful; yet it is true, I feel happy and grateful for every good thing in my life and apparently, it’s showing!

  • Scott

    Great blog post!…that RE Guru must be a good guy :)

  • Hillary Nitschke

    I’d love some recommendations regarding what to read in the vein of positive thinking/laws of attraction.

  • http://venturesomekrysia.wordpress.com venturesome krysia

    He’s the best!

  • http://venturesomekrysia.wordpress.com venturesome krysia

    My favorite is: “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne. I just started “The Noticer: Sometimes All a Person Needs is a Little Perspective” by Andy Andrews, and I like how he recommends people to read biographies of great people to study how they approached life, what worked for them. And “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill gets a little long winded, but the message is there; they all talk about exactly the same things! (sorry, couldn’t seem to italicize the titles)

    **Actually as I get further into it, I am realizing The The Noticer is less about positive thinking!!!

  • http://www.heartfeltbalancehandmadelife.blogspot.com Michelle

    Love it! The power of a positive attitude is amazing! Have a great day!

  • http://venturesomekrysia.wordpress.com venturesome krysia

    Thank you Michelle! Hope you have a great day too.